Identity and Access Management

Independent Consulting leads to intelligent solutions

In the last 15 years iC Consult has become the leading IAM system integrator for large global companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As of October 2013, iC Consult is operating in the United States and as of April 2018 in the UK as well.

There are many reasons why iC Consult has achieved fantastic growth and won the long-term trust of its customers. In particular, as a vendor-neutral systems integrator, iC Consult designs and implements IAM solutions that are both compatible with existing systems and forward-looking. We design systems from the outset that anticipate future requirements in identity and access management. Also, our consultants have broad and deep knowledge of the IAM software available on the market and they advise exclusively for the benefit and interest of the client. And while we specialize in traditional enterprise IAM technologies such as governance, provisioning, single sign-on and federation, we are actively engaged in projects involving consumer identity, social media login, mobile login, Internet of Things, customer data management, and IAM managed services.

Our solutions combine all our expertise.

Access Management ensures that only authorized persons and entities have access to a constantly growing number of resources. Our holistic approach reduces your integration effort. Efficient and safe. >>more

Identity Management controls the lifecycle of digital identities. Through an identity management system, users receive the appropriate permissions to carry out their daily tasks across numerous applications and resources. Regardless of whether employees are joining the company, changing departments, or leaving the company: the identity management system ensures that they have fast, reliable and timely access to the data, and that access is revoked in a timely manner when necessary ...>>more

Identity and Access Governance – controls the status of permissions, roles, segregation of duties and re-certification within an organization. The governance system determines what rights  and what access to specific information each user should have. The governance system can maintain roles and functions based on models to meet legal and audit requirements. We help customers ensure that authorization assignments comply with audit and regulatory requirements.. >>more

Consumer Identity & Access Management technologies simplify the registration and login processes for visitors to your website through social media and mobile login features. Integrating with social media sites increases your site traffic, enables you to offer personalized experiences and potentially aquire customer data. We can help you can provide your customers with quick access to your site, while preserving users’ privacy as securing sensitive features of your site ... >>more

Social Media Login allows users to login to your site using their existing social network accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, etc. With us, your customer is logged in to your site with just one click,. >>more

Internet of Things – in the future, connected devices will interact directly and independently. Their APIs (interfaces) must publicly available, and at the same time secure and personalized. We ensure that your products can become part of the Internet and that you have everything under control.

Mobile Login – provides controlled access to data from anywhere, with any device. We ensure that your customers and employees do not have to continuously re-register, even if they switch their devices. Quick, easy and safe ...>>more

Customer Data Management offers a 360° perspective on online customers. You get detailed information about where customers navigate from, what devices they use and what parts of a web site they’re most interested in. We help your organization learn more about its customers.

IAM Managed Services provides highly specialized maintenance and (2nd) 3rd level support for Identity and Access Management. So that users can access their data and applications as soon as possible after an access problems. We ensure that your IAM systems are available around the clock, seven days a week .... >>more