IAM Managed Services application scenario

24/7 – IAM Managed Services around the clock

IAM Managed Services provides highly specialized maintenance, second- and third-level support for Identity and Access Management solutions. A managed service offering enables you to keep your IAM infrastructure productive around the clock, seven days a week, allowing users access their data and applications even after access problems such as forgotten passwords or locked accounts.

This use case illustrates the challenges of operating an IAM and how our managed services can help your organization use identity services with low capital investment.

General requirements and objectives

IAM Managed Services enables your organization to receive continuous service with close communication between iC Consult and your IT team. The cost calculations and scale described in this use case are typical for an international company: 50,000 employees, 100,000 digital identities, and 50 applications connected to the managed identity and access management (IAM) system. Connected applications include mail, intranet sites, web applications among other.

The aim is to standardize the IAM operational processes and ensure robust, trouble-free operation of all applications and authentication processes in the specific IAM infrastructure of the client. The service must be delivered globally, enterprise-wide, and around the clock. The existing IT operation should be extended to include external IAM Managed Services experts, which are always available and flexible to react quickly to any service requests.

iC Consult has been known for many years for its comprehensive IAM expertise and vendor-neutral solutions. IAM Managed Services is an additional, advanced offering that supports the customer during the operation of its IAM infrastructure.

Task and challenge

Employee-facing IT systems and partner portals are usually connected to the organization’s existing IAM infrastructure, and in many cases such a solution is sufficient. However, once an enterprise begins integrating non-employee users and externally facing applications (e.g. distributor management or ordering system applications) for worldwide use  across a wide range of time zones, a whole new set of requirements need to be met.

To guarantee end users continuous access to corporate resources, companies must ensure smooth operation of their authentication and registration processes at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. Even short service disruptions can result in users being unable to access their data and applications. Such downtime may can be result in revenue loss and be damaging to a company’s image as consumers question the security and reliability of the company's site.

For trading partners, IT outages at their product supplier sites present a business risk: if the IAM infrastructure fails, users can’t sign in to enter orders, even if the downstream order system is available. So the effects of a B2B outage can be as serious as outages in the consumer environment.

Solution and Implementation

Our managed services take into account each customer’s requirements, including breadth of service and service levels. We then assemble a team of experts to support the company's IT department in service transition and to support the help desk.

IAM Managed Services offers

  • Maintenance, and second-level, and third-level support services
  • Support of customer specific solutions on top on standard software, such as CA SiteMinder, PingFederate, Quest One Identity Manager, and LDAP servers
  • Standardization of IAM operating processes
  • Fixed response and resolution times
  • On-site and remote service center support
  • Efficient knowledge transfer from the projects to the IAM Managed Services
  • On-call support: 24 hrs. x 7 days starting 2014 (currently 8 hrs x 5 days)

Results and benefits

Managed services ensure the availability of IAM experts – both from an organizational and technical expertize point of view – for the mission-critical IAM systems of a company.

Standardization increases efficiency, and makes the IAM business processes transparent and measurable.

Incidents involving the customer's IAM systems as well as standard requests can be addressed by expert resources around the clock.

The use of managed services helps fulfill the business requirements, takes the burden away from the project team and strengthens the customer’s IAM infrastructure.


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