Identity Management (IdM) user scenario

Efficiently control your organization’s identity lifecycle with Identity Management

Identity Management controls the lifecycle of digital identities. Users are provided with the necessary permissions to carry out their daily tasks across various applications. Regardless of whether users are new to the company, changing departments, or leave the company, we ensure that they have quick, reliable and timely access to the data and resources they need. We also ensure that user access is immediately removed appropriately with changes in roles or departure from your organization.

NOTE: iC Consult has enjoyed the confidence of Global 500 companies for many years. The projects we support and implement are of strategic value to our customers, both for security reasons and as a business driver. For confidentiality reasons, all use cases shown here are anonymized and obfuscated. However, the individual elements of the solutions are real and used by several of our customers and reflect our project experience.

Customer and Objectives

ACME is a global corporation with 105,000 employees working in 300 subsidiaries. ACME’S needed to introduce an enterpriwse-wide platform for managing identities and privileges and provide self-service interfaces for access requests, password resets, and so on. 

Task and challenge

Over the years, many incompatible identity solutions were deployed across the regional offices. The lack of consistency and consolidation led again and again to violations of corporate security policies. For example, orphaned accounts carried a high security risk.

The new solution needed to meet three key requirements:

  • "Onboarding ": in order to make new employees productive from the first day on the job, they need be provided with an enterprise-wide ID, which controls access to relevant Windows accounts, intranet and email accounts.
  • "Transitioning": after employees’ initial assignment to various roles, promotions, departmental reorganizations, relocations, etc. necessitate recertification and modification of users’ authorizations.
  • "Offboarding ": when employees leave the company, their permissions and access must be withdrawn immediately, enterprise-wide.

Solution and Implementation

A requirement analysis showed that data quality, security and compliance would be improved effectively through the following processes:

  • Self Service: employees can request access to the applications and roles they require and manage their password resets
  • Approval processes: timely granting and update of access rights
  • Centralized reports: ongoing review of privileges (compliance) as well as workflow and approval activities

The existing personnel management system needed to be integrated with the new IdM solution.

iC Consult developed the solution concept according to the specifications and supervised the software development of a technology partner.

After the development phase and the corresponding tests iC Consult steered and supported the rollout both centrally and in the regions.

In addition iC Consult delivers IAM managed services for the solution to the client.

Results and benefits

ACME’s data quality has improved significantly, especially through continuous data cleansing.

Day-One-Readiness and Self-Service raised the productivity of the users and increase their satisfaction.

Systematic recertification and de-provisioning fulfill the requirements of the group audit, which plans to extend the new solution to areas which were not included from the beginning and thus to improve the overall compliance and security.